Sunday, December 29, 2013

New Year...BETTER ME!

As I sit here at my desk looking at the calendar, I can’t believe we are three days away from 2014. Where in the heck did 2013 go? What did I do to make a difference in my life and career? As a personal trainer, I am always telling people to exercise, eat right, focus on this, stop with the excuses, etc., etc., etc.  As I reflect back on the year, I can’t help but wonder how well I’ve practiced what I preach.
I realize that when I’m talking with a client (whether current or prospective), friends and family about diet and exercise, I am talking to my self as well. When I tell someone to stop drinking soda or cut down on the booze, I’m talking to myself. When I talk to someone about fitting in exercise only if it is 10 minutes a day, I’m talking to myself. When I tell someone to cut out the processed food, I’m talking to myself. That’s what I love about my job as a personal trainer, I don’t just help other people, I am a constant reminder to myself to eat right, exercise, and try not to let stress get to you.  Sometimes I do these things very well, other times, not.  And I’m not afraid to admit that. I may be a personal trainer, but I’m also human. J
My goal in 2014 is to do all of the things I tell my clients to do better than I did in 2013.  I do not want a New Me…I want a Better Me! My slogan for 2014, IT STARTS WITH ME!!!!! 

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