Saturday, August 29, 2009

Simple Steps to Jump Start the Exercise Habit

Not surprisingly, when I am talking with people and they find out I am a personal trainer, inevitably people will admit that "I really just don't want to exercise. I know I should I just don't want to."

I know exercising is not the easiest habit to get into. Even I have my days when I really don't want to workout. For many people the experience of starting and stopping and starting again with little or no results can be discouraging. There are many reasons people have trouble making exercise a regular habit, some may be:

1) Too difficult. People start off very ambitious and with a lot of enthusiasm and set a goal that becomes to big. The goal becomes too difficult to sustain for very long. They run out of energy and enthusiasm and ultimately give up.

2) Too many goals. People start out doing too much, too soon. Having too many goals can cause a person to lose focus, we get so caught up in one, we forget about the others.

3) Not enough motivation. 9 times out of 10, the problem people have is not lack of discipline, but lack of motivation. In my opinion, the most powerful motivators are keeping a log of your activities and reporting to your peers.

If some of these reasons apply to you, you may be wondering how can I overcome them. My advice to you is simplicity. Keep it simple.

1) Set easy goals and write them down. Post them where you can see them. Make the goal easy so you can attain it and want to set other goals and build on them.

2) Make the goal specific. Rather than saying I'm going to exercise everyday. Say you are going to walk 15 minutes on Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 5:00pm.

3) Find a "trigger" that will help you exercise. What will you do or what will happen right before you start your exercise routine. Whether it is immediately after you get up in the morning or get home at night from work. It could be after you've had your morning coffee. It should be a trigger that occurs everyday. One that reminds you, OK its time to exercise now.

4) Make the goal measurable. You should be able to write or say I did 10 push ups, walked around the block, etc. The goal should have a number you can shoot for.

5) Start a log. Writing down what you have done will allow you to see your progress and keep you motivated to continue. Log everyday as soon as you complete your activity so it becomes a habit. Keep it simple. Log what, when, where.

6) Report to others. Accountability is key. When you have someone you are reporting to about what you did, or you are meeting with a person or group of people you are much more likely to stay with the program. That's where a personal trainer comes in handy.

7) Motivation. Whatever it takes to motivate you, do it. Put it into place.

Exercise is part of a healthy lifestyle. It takes time, consistency and patience. Stay with it, keep working at it work with a trainer or friend and before you know it, you'll be saying to your friends and family "Yeah, I exercise regularly and I love it".

Here's to being fit, being healthy and being happy.


Monday, August 24, 2009 yourself

One of the things I hear from people is, "they want to take the time to exercise, but everything else in their life takes priority". Which is fine, but ultimately, if you don't take time to take care of yourself, the other "priorities" will not really matter because you will become too stressed, tired, or sick to care about any of it. You will become resentful or turn into a robot of habit and routine. By taking the time to invest in yourself now, you will be investing in a lifetime of health and fitness and active living. You will appreciate life more.

Investing in your health takes commitment, but in moderation. Take it one step at a time. Don't try to do everything at once, it can get to overwhelming. When it comes to your exercise routine, try to incorporate the following:

1. Resistance training: will raise your metabolism and cause you to burn more calories at work and at rest. It will also help prevent osteoporosis.
2. Cardiovascular or aerobic exercise: will strengthen and challenge your cardiovascular system (heart & vascular), which will become more efficient and healthy. It will help you burn calories.
3. Proper nutrition: Eat and drink foods that will give your body the nutrients it needs to perform properly while exercising, make you feel better and give you more energy throughout the day and all your daily activities. Remember what goes in is what comes out.

Here's to your health.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Not sure how to get started?

Many times I talk to people who want to start exercising but are not sure how to get started. With so many options available today, deciding what is right for you can be very confusing and ultimately discouraging.

What I tell people is, do what you like to do. If you like to walk, find 15-20 minutes everyday to go and walk. If you prefer yoga or pilates, find a class, there are plenty of yoga and pilates studios in the Hudson Valley. If you like to swim, join the local Y or community pool. If you don't like gyms, consider working with a personal trainer that will come to your home who can provide the guidance, direction and motivation you need. (I happen to know a good one). If you belong to a gym but don't like the machines or are intimidated by them try working with free weights (i.e. dumb bells, bar bells, bands, etc.) If your bored with your routine, try something new, like an exercise class or boot camp class. Don't be afraid to ask a friend or fitness expert to help you.

I like to encourage people to try different things. It may take you a while to find what you like and what works for you. Take the time and make the effort, I guarantee you will be glad you did and will find yourself making the time to exercise regularly.

Here's to your health...

Friday, August 14, 2009

Exercise as a natural mood enhancer

It never amazes me when I hear people say "I feel so much better after I exercise". Exercise is a natural mood enhancer. Even current research suggests that exercise can relieve symptoms such as depression, sadness, anger, hopelessness, fatigue, etc. Why? Experts believe the effects exercise has on the endorphins and other mood-lifting neuro-transmitters in the body make this possible. Exercise is also known to reduce levels of the stress hormone, "cortisol" in the body.
So, along with the positive effect on your body physically, exercise can now have a positive effect on you emotionally. So get up and get moving and feel better in every aspect of life.

Here's to feeling good and looking good.


Thursday, August 13, 2009

Who says you need a gym and equipment to get a good workout in?

One of the many reasons people do not get involve in an exercise program is because they don't like to go to the gym, or they don't like working with machines and they don't have weights at home.

Actually, everybody has a machine and weight at home, the best you could possibly have and it is free, it is your own body. Next time you think you don't have what you need to exercise, try doing some jumping jacks, jumping rope, or jogging in place, you'll get a great cardio workout without the fuss of a machine. When you want to do some resistance training, try push-ups, sit-ups, dips, chair sits, squat and lunges, these are all exercises you can do using your own body weight and do them in the comfort of your own home. No equipment required.

You'll burn calories, get stronger, tone up and get a good workout in, with little to no fuss. When you take it back to the basics, you realize you simple exercise can be.

Now, get up and get moving.


Running article

Hi All,

Check out the following link, it is an article from the New York Times. It may address some concerns people have about starting a walking/jogging program.

I would love to hear what your concerns/issues with exercising are. If I can be of any assistance in answer or at least addressing your concerns, please drop me an e-mail at or call at 845-242-1251.


Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The "can't" vs. "don't" attitude

When I talk with people about exercise ultimately the word "can't" comes up, and it makes me wonder is it "can't" or they just "don't" and why?

Some of the things I hear are the following:

"I can't exercise because my knees hurt, or my back hurts", or "I'm dealing with an injury from 10 years ago". Now don't get me wrong, I realize some people do have medical issues that can limit them, that's when you get together with your doctor and find out what you can do. 9 out of 10 times the pain and discomfort is due to lack of movement to begin with. When I talk to people after they have started exercising, they are amazed at how good they feel and that the pain is gone. Work with a friend or a trainer and have them help you figure out what you can do.

"I can't exercise because I work long hours and am exhausted when I get home", or "I am active at my job all day and I just can't muster the energy to exercise when I get home". I realize that people work long, hard days, especially in today's times, and you can be emotionally and physically spent when you get home, trust me, I know. The best way to counteract that is with movement. Exercise will help you relax and work off the stress of the day, so you sleep better and feel more energized in the morning. Rather than reaching for the bag of chips and a soda (or something stronger), go for a walk, do some light calisthenics, maybe some yoga or pilates, even if it is for only 15-20 minutes. If it fits into your schedule, try to exercise before work.

You may have a job that requires you to be active and use your body, but are you using it the right way. Probably not. If you have strong arms and shoulders and legs, you'll be able to lift & reach easier, and not depend on lifting and pulling with your back or other part of the body that is not meant to be used in that way; you'll avoid injury and/or feeling like you've been beaten up at the end of the day. Doing some resistance training where you actually train the muscles you should be using while at work will help you feel better and perform better at your job.

When someone tells me they can't, it's more like they just don't want to, for whatever reason. I seriously believe a person can do whatever they put their mind to, if they want it bad enough. When you start to say you can't, replace it with "can" and "need". I can lose weight. I can get stronger. I need to perform my daily activities better. I need to exercise for my well-being and that of my family. I need to alleviate stress. Try and figure out why you really "don't" want to exercise and confront it, take back control of your body and life. Believe in yourself and the power of your body. I know you can do it. I know it, allow yourself to know it. Ask family or friends for help, or work with a trainer, just do it, and "don't" not do it.


Monday, August 10, 2009

What exactly is Boot Camp?

Hey there,

I have had several people inquire what exactly is "Boot Camp"? And is it something they can handle? So I thought I would take a minute and answer those questions.

3B Fitness Boot Camp is an exercise and conditioning program for women and men of all ages and abilities. It combines the benefits of working individually with a personal trainer and the camaraderie and motivation of working in a group. Fitness boot camp is fitness (or exercise) the old fashioned way using calisthenics, athletic drills and aerobics. You will build lean muscle mass with strength training exercises and burn fat & calories through aerobic exercises. It really is your routine, because you work at an intensity that you are comfortable with and progress from there. I will give you the guidance, motivation and education you need. Whether you are new to exercise or have been exercising for a while and looking for something different, Fitness Boot Camp is perfect for you. It is fun, challenging, motivating and results-oriented, all you have to do is show up and go through the routine. And best of all it is very budget-friendly.

Despite what the infomercials on TV, the ads in magazines and on the web, and the companies that claim their products are weight control products want you to believe, there is no magic pill, no special cream, no fizzy drink or special tea to use that will help you lose weight and get fit. You have to eat right and exercise, period.

If anyone has questions in regards to Fitness Boot Camp or exercise and fitness in general, please don't hesitate to give me a call at 845.242.1251 or drop me an e-mail at, I would love to hear from you.


Jane's 3B Fitness BOOT CAMP launches!

Hi Everyone!

This morning the clouds had rolled away and the sun showed itself through the beautiful morning mists still clinging to the fields and pastures of Red Hook. And at 6:30 am this morning, we celebrated the launch of my new Boot Camp series. This is the Boot Camp for real people! 

Temperature was about 67 degrees with some humidity, but skies were clear and we had a great session. The Elks club, where we are running the new sessions, is the perfect venue. We work out on a beautiful wide lawn a hundred feet from Route 9, and we have the option of moving under a very large open sheltered area if a sprinkle passes through at any time. While we intend to give you a great workout, your comfort and safety is a main concern! We provide an upbeat, friendly atmosphere with zero intimidation! And we have extra towels and plenty of fluids if you forget yours!

You can join our group at any point, throughout the schedule. We keep the group small so no one gets lost in the shuffle. You proceed at your own pace, and I am constantly monitoring everyone's progress. For a mere $15 per session, I think it's the best fitness value around right now! I also offer a discount for signing up for multiple sessions.

Sessions will continue for now beginning at 6:30 am on Monday and Friday mornings. The boot camp runs for about 60 minutes, rain or shine. What a great way to start the day! For more information, e-mail me at or call me directly at 845.242.1251. I'd love to chat and find out how I can be of service to you. For my personal at-home training programs, please visit my new website at 

Remember,  Be Fit, Be Healthy and Be Happy! 

Have a great day!