Friday, December 7, 2012

Why not NOW?

It’s December and everyone is busy with preparations for the upcoming Holiday Season, whether it is shopping, decorating, baking, cleaning, etc., add work and children into the equation and it is no wonder people put exercising on the back burner, “I’ll start up again after the Holidays” they say. Or, “I’ll start fresh with a brand new Resolution in the New Year”. My questions is, does that really happen and if it does, how long do you stick to it before distraction occurs again. 
This is the ideal time of year to start an exercise program; and start on building health and fitness goals for the upcoming New Year. Why? Well, first you can help avoid the typical weight gain that comes with the holiday season. Second, 30 minutes of exercise a day or every other day can help control some of the stress that the holidays can bring. Third, if you start now, you will already be in the habit of exercising and have a routine so that when January 1st comes around you will have a jumpstart on most of the people who wait until January to start a program. 

In a short period of time, you will have developed a whole new set of habits. You will begin to feel differently than you do right now. You will begin to see positive changes in your body in just a few weeks; and be ready to start off the New Year strong and ready to kick it up a notch. Being able to see your progress and being proud of your decision to start now and results can be great motivational tools to continue well into the New Year. Think about it, it’s New Years and instead of joining the throngs of people that will be just starting to respond to ads for gym memberships and the latest exercise or diet fad to fulfill their New Year’s Resolutions, you will be well down the road to reaching your exercise and health and fitness goals. It will have become a habit; and what a great habit to have.

All you have to do is make the decision to do it NOW. Don’t let the holidays stop you. Don't let a TV show stop you. Don’t let your crazy schedule stop you. Don’t let your temporary emotions stop you. Lace up. And exercise away.

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