Thursday, August 20, 2009

Not sure how to get started?

Many times I talk to people who want to start exercising but are not sure how to get started. With so many options available today, deciding what is right for you can be very confusing and ultimately discouraging.

What I tell people is, do what you like to do. If you like to walk, find 15-20 minutes everyday to go and walk. If you prefer yoga or pilates, find a class, there are plenty of yoga and pilates studios in the Hudson Valley. If you like to swim, join the local Y or community pool. If you don't like gyms, consider working with a personal trainer that will come to your home who can provide the guidance, direction and motivation you need. (I happen to know a good one). If you belong to a gym but don't like the machines or are intimidated by them try working with free weights (i.e. dumb bells, bar bells, bands, etc.) If your bored with your routine, try something new, like an exercise class or boot camp class. Don't be afraid to ask a friend or fitness expert to help you.

I like to encourage people to try different things. It may take you a while to find what you like and what works for you. Take the time and make the effort, I guarantee you will be glad you did and will find yourself making the time to exercise regularly.

Here's to your health...

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